Best Motorcycle Helmet and Bike Helmets of 2020

Best Motorcycle Helmet and Bike Helmets of 2020

The thing about motorcycles and is the thrill that comes with riding one on the open expanse of roads. The wind rushing across your face is a reminder of the untethered freedom you have atop that cycle. Great responsibility for your safety, however, should accompany that freedom.

1. Best Scooter Helmet

Scooters are a mild version of motorcycles, but no less fun or dangerous. It is crucial to take precautions when riding one, even at low speeds.

Wearing the right scooter helmet protects you from potentially life-threatening injuries. There are so many helmets available that you have no excuse for not wearing one.

1. Bell Qualifier Street Helmet

We like this Bell Helmet because it is made by people who have known what a head needs since 1954. The Bell Qualifier helmet can be trusted because it has industrial-level strength when it comes to protection.

The outer shell of this scooter helmet is made from quality polycarbonate and ABS. These two elements are some of the hardest plastics known.

In the event of an accident, the heavy-duty plastic shell redistributes the shock of impact throughout the helmet casing. Redirecting impact from the source minimizes injury to the skull.

The face shield is designed with a screen to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light. In addition, the screen is scratch-resistant and exhibits anti-fogging properties.

Some of us don’t like the sound of the wind as it slaps past the ears, Bell qualifier takes care of that through its thick wind collar. The collar filters the noise of the user’s surroundings, especially the wind.

The internal lining is made of antibacterial material. When you sweat heavily, the helmet environment will discourage the growth of bacteria. This lining is easily removable when it is time for a wash (machine wash and then air-dry).

If you are the rider that takes your music with you, slide in your speakers/ helmet headphones inside the integrated speaker pocket.

The Bell Qualifier Street Helmet comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Extra-strength polycarbonate and ABS shell covering
  • The face shield is anti-fog, non-scratch with UV filtering capabilities
  • The wind collar is an ingenious addition to this helmet
  • Antibacterial and easy to wash lining promotes good hygiene
  • A 5-year warranty


  • The visor isn’t tinted

2. Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Vega Helmets is another long-standing helmet maker who has been making helmets for 26 years. They currently own one of the bestselling durable half-helmets in the market: the Vega Rebel Warrior helmet, which protects your skull from a hard impact.

The outside shell of the helmet is made out of extended polystyrene (EPS) which can handle high impact levels. An EPS liner works by absorbing the shock at the point of impact and then redistributing it to the rest of the helmet. Redistributing the impact prevents the force from penetrating the helmet and into your skull.

The EPS lining redistributes heat the same way so that you do not overheat on hot days.

The half-helmet has a UV-protection sun-visor, and eye protection. Slide the glass downwards to set in place.

The Vega Rebel Warrior is unique for a scooter helmet because of its dial neck strap. You can increase or lower the tightness of the helmet with this feature, keeping it secure.

If you sweat on the road, there is another helpful element to mitigate this. The internal fabric lining on the helmet is moisture wicking, which cools you down.

Keep in mind that the Vega Rebel warrior is only a half-helmet so your chin and jaw are not protected.

The helmet comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The EPS material making the outer shell is more than satisfactory in its protection duties
  • The visor is lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable neck strap ensures comfort and security of the helmet
  • The moisture-wicking fabric of the inner lining keeps your head dry even when you sweat
  • The helmet weighs only 2.2 pounds


  • Since it is a half-helmet, only half of your head is protected from impact

2. Best Bike Helmets

Fortunately for cyclists, all helmets sold in the United States comply with the safety standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This means you are assured of safety regardless of which helmet you buy, provided the source is legitimate.

However, there are other considerations to make before buying a bike helmet. For example:

  • Cyclists on roads look at the aerodynamics, weight, and ventilation. These three features are essential because cycling on the road is all about speed.
  • In urban areas, there are people who prefer to cycle to their places of work and want a compact helmet that takes up minimum storage space.
  • Mountain bike riders need headgear with a visor for protection from projectiles.

1. Specialized Echelon II MIPS Helmet

The Specialized Echelon II helmet is a road helmet without a visor. The helmet has been on the market for a few years yet it has still remained relevant and popular.

The Specialized Echelon II helmet uses a unique HairPort system to accommodate more hair. For this reason, Specialized doesn’t create a separate women’s helmet because there is enough room to accommodate a bun.

However, the HairPort which is located below the occipital lobe means that the lower skull protection is lowered.

Tri-Fix web splitters keep the helmet straps from chaffing the ears. The splitters also contain reflective elements on the webs.

The Echelon II will accommodate heads of various shapes and sizes. The fitting comes with a vertical height adjustment and a dial to secure the helmet.

On hot days you can increase the size of the vents without compromising the structural integrity of the helmet.


  • Thick forehead padding absorbs sweat to prevent irritating trickles
  • It has enough room for a thick ponytail
  • The helmet is adjustable to accommodate different head shapes
  • The vents are adjustable


  • The straps splitters have a fixed length and may be uncomfortable for some riders
  • In humid weather, the helmet ventilation is not sufficient to counter the temperature build-up within

When all is said and done, Specialized Echelon II provides a good value for the money.

2. Giro Aether MIPS Road Helmet

Giro Aether comes with a perfect adaptation of the MIPS technology. The Giro Aether MIPS system is located between the hard outer shell and the inner lining.The location of the MIPS eradicates certain problems such as the hair snagging on the helmet and overheating.

Other than MIPS, this helmet is further fortified with dense EPS foam to further cushion the head upon impact. The EPS foam is light so it doesn’t add to the weight significantly.

The Giro Aether is a stylishly designed helmet. That is the first thing you notice about this helmet.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of six separate pieces put together over a large vent. This explains the great air circulation you get with this helmet.

The aura arch is a band that transverses the outer shell to further reinforce the parts.

Secure your riding goggles on the helmet’s docking port when you aren’t using them.


  • It is a tastefully designed helmet
  • It incorporates MIPS technology for added safety
  • The ventilation system is thorough
  • It weighs only about .6 pounds


  • We couldn’t find any faults with it.

When you wear this helmet, it looks like a regular, stylish helmet. However, there is nothing regular about the fit and performance.

3. Best Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain bike helmets provide more head protection, unlike road helmets.

Another difference is that the mountain bike helmet has a peak at the front to keep away rain and sun rays from irritating your eyes.

Mountain bike helmets are lighter and better aired than motorcycle helmets.

1. 7iDP M2 Helmet

The M2 Helmet is colorful, often designed with tasteful duotones and garish bright colors. However, the colors blend in well with its rugged appearance.

This helmet is also big on safety and comfort. It contains a lot of cushioning in the inner lining and an adjustable dial to secure the headgear.

M2 helmet had to find a way to cool your head through all those foam pads. It, therefore, is installed with 19 ventilation slots.

All the ventilation spots are meshed to prevent foreign objects from nesting in your hair.

The M2 weighs about .75 pounds and comes in sizes small, medium, and large.


  • This is the helmet with a fashion statement to make
  • It has plenty of ventilation for hot and humid days
  • It is a comfortable fit


  • The helmet feels like a perched fit

2. Bell Super 3 MIPS Helmet

The Bell Super 3 incorporates a MIPS liner in the middle layer that makes it move around a bit. However, the movement doesn’t mean that it is the wrong size.

To properly fit into different head characteristics, the Bell Super 3 works with a Float Fit system.

This means that it has a rubber dial system that you can easily adjust even with wet and dirty hands to secure the cap. It can make even the most minute increments to get the exact right pressure.

Bell Super 3 has one of the widest peaks of all mountain bike helmets. Coupled with some vertical adjustment, you can wear safety goggles with this helmet.

There is sufficient ventilation to cool your head because there are 23 openings that enhance the movement of cool air. On hot days, they have proven to be sufficient.

Bell Super 3 weighs one pound and comes in size small, medium, and large.


  • The MIPS layer adds an extra layer of protection without the inconvenience of snagging hair or pinching
  • The Float Fit system ensures that the hat can be adjusted under pressure
  • Its ability to make miniature modifications is highly convenient
  • The wide peak can accommodate a variety of eyewear


  • When dial assembly is adjusted downwards, getting it back up is a struggle

4. Best Dirt Bike Helmet

If riding a dirt bike is your passion, you know full well how dangerous this hobby can be. It is important to have a strong helmet to protect your skull from damage.

There are several styles of helmets to choose from, such as full-face helmets or custom-made designs. Regardless of the style you choose, they all work to protect you.

1. YEMA Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

This is a professional dirt bike helmet, the kind you would see your fellow daredevils put on when they do their stunts.

The YEMA is a fashionable helmet with lots of accessories, for both men and women. When ordering your helmet, order one size bigger than recommended by the manufacturer as many reviews suggest.

The outer casing of this helmet is made of strong, streamlined ABS plastic to withstand large impacts. This helmet stays secure on the chin with the help of durable straps. Despite being secured, the helmet is easy to take off with the release of a buckle.

There is enough space to wear both your riding glasses together with a Bluetooth helmet speaker.

Full-face helmets usually cause the head to overheat, but the YEMA has a way to mitigate this effect. The ventilation system of the helmet is airy enough for a constant flow of air to keep circulation.

Inside, the padding and liners in contact with the skin and hair are easy to clean. Simply remove the lining and wash.


  • The helmet comes with a tinted sun visor
  • The airy ventilation system ensures that riders are not drenched in sweat
  • A quick-release chin strap
  • Stylish design
  • Unisex
  • The price is fair for such a reliable helmet


  • We couldn’t find any faults with it.

2. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

Fuel Helmets is known to turn heads with its loud graphics. If you want to be noticed, then get the SH-FF0016 full-face helmet.

Fuel helmets are wallet friendly for budget buyers since the price is fair.

The sun visor is adjustable with the flick of a finger to orient it in the best position. There is also enough room at the front for riding goggles. The rubber grip on the front retainer secures the eyewear.


  • The unique graphics break the monotony of the standard design guidelines
  • You can adjust the sun visor to the best angle for viewing.
  • The helmet is sculpted to look like a smooth shell
  • This design is comfortable for all head shapes
  • The rubber straps attached at the eye-port secure eyewear
  • It is wallet friendly


  • The masculine vibe will not appeal to everybody

5. Best Bike Helmet for Kids

The best way to protect your child when they are out riding the bike is to help them put on their helmet. Shorter rides are also advisable. Basically, any time your child gets on their bike, they should wear protective gear.

Giro Scamp

The Giro Scamp is the friendliest kids helmet we encountered on the market. The helmet utilizes an in-mold construction technology to produce extremely lightweight headgear.

You have the option of getting a Giro Scamp with MIPS or without. The MIPS foam layer will protect the skull from impact. It, however, doesn’t stop the head and neck from distorting in a fall.

A dial-to-adjust system secures the helmet firmly. To use this dial, simply twist it to change the settings of this helmet.

Being a kid’s helmet, the Giro Scamp is only available in small and extra small. The small is the larger size, fitting circumferences between 49cm and 53cm. Extra small fits circumferences of 45cm to 49cm.

Giro Scamp fits snugly atop a toddler’s head with the rear end of the helmet presenting an almost-flat profile.

We recommend this helmet for preschool children as well as toddlers.


  • Giro Scamp is so light that it doesn’t tire the small head it is worn on
  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • MIPS helmet adds an additional layer of safety


  • We couldn’t find any faults with it.

6. Best Cheap Bike Helmet

The thing about bike helmets is that you do not have to empty your pockets to get protection. You will find that the best budget bike helmet comes with a great fit, comfort, and ventilation.

Cheap bike helmets are just as safe and stylish as other more expensive options. You can be sure of this because all bike helmets in production have to comply with safety standards set by authorities.

The main, noticeable difference is that budget headgear tends to weigh more.

1. ABUS Aduro 2.1

Aduro 2.1 is a budget helmet for those who love beautiful designs and colors. It has an option for bright tones, dual colors, and single colors.

The helmet’s cooling system is efficient with three air inlets and ten air outlets. The venting channels are set together by flow channels that improve the aerodynamic properties of this helmet.


  • The helmet is roomy enough to accommodate hair tied in a ponytail
  • The inbuilt net lining is meant to trap mosquitoes and other insects from causing discomfort
  • The Zoom Ace system allows wearers to adjust this helmet’s cradle to suit the head size
  • The ventilation system is as good as you would find in a higher-priced helmet
  • It is one of the most affordable budget bike helmets
  • It has a snug fit thanks to Zoom Ace


  • No MIPS protection

2. Catlike Chupito

The Catlike Chupito is an entry-level helmet brand with a distinctive vent design. The helmet is noticeable because its design deviates from most normal bike helmets.

However, the design is a hit or miss with most people, that is how unique it is.

The air-cooling system contains 24 slits to cool the head effectively. The outer shell of this hat has been reinforced around the occipital lobe to provide additional protection using Catlike’s Low Nape Protection system.


  • The ventilation system works efficiently
  • This is a wallet friendly helmet if you are on a budget
  • LNP technology enhances safety features


  • As with all unique designs, you will either love this helmet or be repulsed by it

7. Top Rated Bike Helmets

Lazer Genesis 2020 Helmet

When you hold the Lazer, the first thing you will notice about it is how light it will feel. The medium size helmet weighs .44 pounds and a size small stands at .42 pounds. These are some of the lightest helmets on the market.

Lazer Genesis 2020 helmets achieved these enviable weights by using an in-mold construction process.

During its construction, the inside layer of polystyrene foam and the hard outer shell are shaped using heat. The two components are then banded together. Shaping and venting take place at this stage.

In the end, this helmet has 22 vented openings, and thanks to the inner construction it feels like you are wearing nothing in your head.

The Lazer genesis complies with all relevant safety standards. However, the design process means that an extra layer of MIPS is added for additional protection.

Instead of using a dial to fasten it like most helmets, the Lazer has a roller wheel system known as the Rollsys. The Rollsys feature is simple to grasp and operate. Its design reduces the weight of the helmet and leaves more room for the head and hair. So if you have plenty of hair, this helmet is right for you.

You can adjust the Lazer to snugly fit onto your head shape using the vertical alignment feature found at the rear-end of this helmet.

When you purchase this helmet, you get two sets of pads, one thick and the other much thinner and breathable.

The thicker pad is meant for comfort on a leisurely ride while the thin pad is meant for racing.

The helmet straps feel soft against the temple, though you can adjust them to your preference. Their adjustability accommodates several types of eyewear.

Lazer Genesis is weatherproofed because of an additional aeroshell outer layer. The aeroshell protects the rider’s face from wind and water whipping.

In fairer weather, you can remove the aeroshell so that the ventilation system performs at its maximum.

To conclude, the Lazer Genesis 2020 has created a futuristic helmet. It is air-light, offers maximum comfort and versatility. You wear this beautiful helmet, and you forget that you have it on.


In this guide we reviewed some of the top options for best motorcycle helmet, bike helmet, and scooter helmets. Remember to always wear a helmet every time you ride!

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